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Título : Covid-19diseasewillcauseaglobalcatastropheintermsofmentalhealth:Ahypothesis
Autor : Delia, Izaguirre Torres
Raúl, Siche
Palabras clave : COVID19
Mental Health
Fecha de publicación : 2020
Editorial : Universidad Católica de Trujillo Benedicto XVI
Citación : Volume 143, October 2020, 109846;
Resumen : A situation, like the present one, associated with the spread of in-fectious disease, results in intense mental stress[1]. Studies confirmthat individuals who have experienced[2], or not[3], COVID-19emergencies have mental disorders such as stress, anxiety, and de-pression.Therearealsopsychologicaldisordersofoccupationalorigin,such as those found in members of medical teams working in contactwithinfectedpatients[4].Ingeneral,thepopulationconfinedtotheirhomes appears with new emotional disorders (irritability, insomnia,fear,confusion,anger,frustration,boredom),whichpreviouslydidnotsufferfromthem,butnowevenpersistafterthequarantineislifted[5].Furthermore, recent studies report that the virus not only affects therespiratorysystem,itcouldalsobeaffectingthenervoussystemofin-fected people[6], which could cause the appearance of new psycho-logicaldiseases.So, a question arises: Will COVID-19 have a strong impact on themental health of humanity? our hypothesis is that in the short andmedium term, the entire world population, infected and uninfected,rich and poor, professionals and non-professionals, regardless of race,religion, gender, or age, undeniably all will suffer from a mental dis-order associated with COVID-19. Thus, in the coming years, govern-ments will not only have to deal with economic problems but alsoperhapswithabiggerproblem,thementalhealthoftheirpopulation.
URI : http://repositorio.uct.edu.pe/handle/123456789/753
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